A 'NUMBER of factors' have contributed to the excessive flooding in Chard and Ilminster over the past year.

There have been many homes and businesses which have been affected by the heavy rainfall after yellow weather warnings issued by the Met Office.

Somerset County Council (SCC) has said there is a need to look for a long-term solution.

They said there are a number of issues causing the floods, regardless of the work undertaken by Highways teams to clear out gullies and jet drainage.

"It’s the second time we’ve had significant flooding in Chard in a single year, so there is obviously a need to look for a long-term solution," said a spokesperson for SCC.

“There appear to be a number of factors in play in Chard, including both infrastructure and capacity issue.

“This is compounded by different ownership and responsibility across the network.

“It’s really important therefore, that the County Council, partner agencies, residents and businesses work together to understand the causes, understand the responsibilities and ownership issues at play, and develop a long-term solution.

“Our understanding of the issues in Ilminster are at an earlier stage, but we will be taking the same partnership approach to find a solution.”

Mayor of Chard, Cllr Jason Baker, has put a motion to Chard Town Council to set up a flood resilience group to 'help address the issues'.

This will go to the council at their next meeting on Monday, November 8.

He has also asked SCC to visit the town and talk to the council and local residents, but he has not yet received a reply.

Cllr Linda Vijeh, from South Somerset District Council, said the flooding in Ilminster has been of 'considerable concern'.

"The extent to which recent flooding, largely due to sudden high levels of rainfall, in addition to ongoing concerns relating to gully and drain clearance, as well as land maintenance, has been of considerable concern," she added.

"A number of homes, particularly in Ilminster, have been badly affected, with several residents made homeless as a result. I have met with local residents and officers from the Environment Agency on several occasions and am fully aware of how serious an issue this is across the district.

"In the next week or so, meetings with all responsible authorities are due to take place to consider both short and long-term solutions."

Residents in Chard have set up a Facebook group for people affected by the flooding to find support.

To join the group visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/4051824558235764.