TWO of the eight roads destroyed by flash flooding in Chard have now been repaired.

After the extreme rainfall on June 28, multiple homes and businesses were flooded.

As well as this, villages on the outskirts of the town were hit by rising watercourse levels which meant eight roads were ruined and communities were cut off.

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Somerset County Council's (SCC) highways team and Milestone Infrastructure have been working to repair the road and restore access to villages.

The also launched a clear-up operation in Chard and the surrounding villages (as far as West Crewkerne) and tonnes of debris has now been cleared from the roads.

The teams carried out drainage works and have been clearing gullies and silt traps across the area as well.

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Scrapton Lane in Combe St Nicholas reopened on August 6, after resurfacing was complete. It took just over five weeks to repair, along with 5,600 square metres of material to repair it.

And Pudleigh Lane in Wadeford is now repaired after resurfacing finished this week.

“Our thoughts are with those residents and businesses who have been affected by this extreme weather event, we know this has been a an incredibly difficult time,” said Cllr John Woodman, SCC’s cabinet member for highways and transport.

“I’d like to thank local people for their patience and support – immediately after their roads were destroyed, residents in outlying village were out helping with the clear-up operation and supporting our teams to ensure the repair work could begin.

“Our own teams and those of our contractor, Milestone Infrastructure are doing a great job, working flat out to clear, prepare and resurface roads which had in some places were destroyed beyond repair.

“But we know there is still a great deal more to do across the area in the wake of this extraordinary event and we are continuing to work through the issues with our partners and with the support of local people.”

The resurfacing work continues on six more roads in Combe St Nicholas, Whitestaunton, Wadeford, Tatworth and Forton throughout the next few weeks.

SCC's flood and water management team is conducting an investigation into the flooding event which will consider the number of impacted properties and affected infrastructure, possible causes, and identify the relevant risk management authorities involved. This will be summarised in a publicly available report.