CHARD powerlifter Emily Greenway took home second place at the latest British Classic Powerlifting Championships in Oldham earlier this month, writes Lewis Wiseman.

As well as her podium finish, Greenway also broke the British record for the squat category in her weight class with an impressive 190-kilogram squat.

She recorded a 92.5-kilogram bench press and a 195-kilogram deadlift to round out her scores in the three required categories and such finished in second place.

Speaking on her tournament success, Greenway said that whilst she is proud, she is also surprised.

“I am incredibly proud and happy but truthfully I am surprised.”

“I have had to train in my garden all throughout lockdown and at points it was hard to find motivation, but I stuck at it, I am surprised because I didn’t know where I was at,” said Greenway.

The 76-kilogram weight category Emily competes in is known as one of the most competitive, this is because it is a common weight for woman powerlifters.

“It is a really fiercely competed weight class, so I am proud of my achievements definitely, it makes all the hard work I have put in worth it.”

Previously her best finish at the British Classic was a fourth-place finish so her goal was to better that, which she has now done.

Chard & Ilminster News:

Looking to the future, Greenway has her sights set on the Commonwealth competition and also European selection in 2022.

She said her coaching staff and her close family support are big drivers for her to achieve each goal she sets.

“My coach Pierre Shillingford and my partner Luke Bennett are great, they really push me and encourage me to reach new heights,” Greenway said.

Her current British record is made even more impressive when you learn that Emily has only been involved in the sport for a short time, it has only been four years since her first competition.

“I fell into powerlifting really.”

“I was in the gym and saw people doing it, some friends of mine encouraged me to give it a go and I really enjoyed it, I was welcomed into the community straight away.”

Greenway went on to say she wants every woman in Chard, the South West and England that powerlifting is a sport for them as well as men.

“It is so rewarding; I want women to know that powerlifting is not an intimidating sport, and that part of the gym is not just for men.”

“Not only is it good for your physical strength and your body, but it will also provide you with good friendships, I really want to encourage every woman to give it a go,” said Greenway.

After competing ends, coaching is on the cards for Emily, and she wanted to stress once again what her goals within the sport are.

“For now I am focussed on competing but coaching is something I would like to do in the future and again my goal is to get awareness of the sport in front of more women and encourage them to get in to the sport of powerlifting.”