A WELL-KNOWN Chard teacher is turning 100-years-old next week.

Peter Moore, who taught at what is now Holyrood Academy, said he has enjoyed his life and career. He spent six years in the air force during the war, then moved to Chard to teach math’s and PE. He also travelled round Europe in a campervan with his wife, Jean.

“I have taught a few thousand people in Chard,” said Peter, who is celebrating his birthday on Monday, September 13.

“We had a reunion not so long ago for old pupils and I was invited and it was so nice meeting a lot of pupils.

“It did bring back lots of memories and everyone was very pleasant - I kept having my photograph taken with each one but I enjoyed it.

“When I started teaching, I came here to teach math’s but then was asked to take some PE lessons – so I decided to become the best PE teacher in the area

“I did really enjoy teaching, all the pupils were nice.”

One highlight of Peter’s life was meeting King George VI at Buckingham Palace when he was presented with a distinguished flying medal during his time in the air force.

“On mine and Jean’s honeymoon I had an invitation to go to Buckingham palace and be presented the medal by King George VI and we had a chat together - it was a very proud day,” added Peter.

“After the war I wasn’t teaching and Jean and I liked travelling so we bought a campervan. We toured around most of the countries in Europe and I am so glad we did that.

“But I have never flown in a commercial aeroplane - it just never appealed to me.”

Peter has one child, Anthony Moore, a granddaughter, a grandson and great-grandchildren.

He is set to celebrate his birthday enjoying an afternoon tea with some relatives and friends.

Peter believes the secret to a long life is happiness – making sure you greet people with a smile.

“ I think the purpose of life is happiness,” he said.

“I try to be happy welcoming each day when I get up, saying hello to people, it is another day to enjoy.

“I phone up my son and then my granddaughter to let them know I am still alive and we usually discuss what will happen each day.

“I often feel I am good company even though I live on my own.

“I think you should greet people every day and give them one of your smiles -why not, we’ve got plenty to spare.”