SNOWDON House, an extra care housing building has had two charity donation boxes stolen last week.

Residents at the property noticed the boxes to be missing last Sunday, August 22.

At first they thought the charities had been to collect the funds but they were advised this wasn't the case on Monday.

Early Monday morning the matter was reported to Avon and Somerset Police.

The building requires a key fob to get in however it has been made clear that the door does not work at all times.

A resident at the property, Andy Wasenczuk, said he and his neighbours are all very distraught over the matter.

"The money in these box's all comes from elderly residents and we do this out of the goodness of our heart."

"We are all very upset about the issue and we think to steal charity donations is the lowest you can get," Wasenczuk said.

Residents have confirmed there was around £80 in each of the boxes and that this money was to go to two different charities - an animal sanctuary charity and also ARC, which is a local charity that supports mental health issues in the elderly.

"This money goes to Christmas food parcels for the animals through one charity and supports our friends with mental health help through the other charity," Wasenczuk said.

"It really is saddening to think this money has been stolen, really sad."

A week prior to this theft, residents reported graffiti on the front wall of the property to their landlord company Abri.

The graffiti has since been rubbed off but they believe someone may have a grudge for a resident or the building itself.

Avon and Somerset Police have been contact for a comment.