Fire crews were called to deal with hazardous materials in a Somerset home this morning.

Fire Control were alerted to the incident in Combe St. Nicholas just after 9.15am.

A spokesperson for the Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service, said: "A fire engine from Chard and a hazardous materials officer responded to a call from a domestic property for concerns regarding hazardous materials.

"The resident had accidentally mixed two household cleaning products believed to have been a form of bleach and acid which produced a chlorine gas.

"The resident was able to safely remove and dispose of the chemical mix and crews helped to ventilate the property.

"The resident received medical attention from paramedics after inhaling fumes."

Hazardous Materials

Firefighters have a range of capabilities to deal with hazardous materials, attending incidents to make people and the area safe.

There are typically two kinds of hazardous materials incidents they respond to:

Accidents, like spills or chemical leaks, or incidents with criminal intent - terrorism.

Depending on what has happened, they work with police, the ambulance service and environmental health to reduce harm and resolve the situation.

Incidents vary from spills following motorway crashes to factory or hospital chemical leaks along with smaller scale emergencies, such as this morning's incident.