AN industrial estate in Chard is at risk of ‘flooding every day if it rains’ due to blocked drains.

Three business owners on Furnham Road Industrial Estate have been looking into why their businesses flooded so badly at the end of June - and why they are still at risk.

Neal Jones, Ryan Sheehan and Derek Hunt discovered blocked drains filled with rubbish that has been fly-tipped and broken pipes, and these are causing the issue.

The trio have contacted the district and county council, as well as Wessex Water, but have been told these don’t belong to any of them.

“They are all saying its nothing to do with them, they don’t own the 900mm or 600mm pipe or the exit or the drains in Glynswood and pointing at each other,” said the business owners.

“They seem more interested to look at the land registry and assign blame fix than fix the issues.

“Meanwhile water is still pouring into our estate, every day and if it just rains a little we are on the verge of flooding every day.”

A spokesperson for Somerset County Council (SCC) said they are conducting an investigation into the events of June 28, but this could take between three and six months.

“We understand the concerns of residents and business owners and their wish to see these issues resolved as soon as possible,” they said.

“Our highways teams are continuing to focus on addressing the immediate issues across the area that have arisen following the recent flooding in Chard.

"They have also commenced an investigation to identify the land ownership so that they can uphold their responsibilities.

“This will form part of the wider investigation into the events of June 28, which we anticipate will take between three to six months.

“This is a complex process, so in the interim period we are liaising with partner organisations to arrange clearances of some of the areas of concern.”

Wessex Water said they have been in Chard to help with the flooding response, but not in this area

They also added that highway drainage is SCC’s responsibility.