LEARNERS are keen to get back behind the wheel now lockdown restrictions have eased but how much is car insurance going to hit cash-strapped parents?

To help ease the burden, analysis of Admiral data has revealed the cheapest cars for 17-year-olds to insure.

Head of motor product at Admiral, Clare Egan, said: “With driving lessons back in full swing and the backlog for practical driving tests starting to decrease, more young drivers could be close to getting their full driving licence.

“For many 17-year-olds it can be expensive to get on the road, with several costs to consider.

"As well as paying out for a car, new drivers also have to think about the price of fuel, car insurance, vehicle tax and servicing - so it all adds up.

“Young drivers tend to pay more for their insurance because unfortunately they’re statistically a higher risk. They’re more likely to have an accident than older drivers and the accidents they have are more expensive.

“Car insurance for young drivers doesn’t come cheap but shopping around can help them find the best deal.

"The cost of car insurance is based on a number of things including the value of the vehicle itself and its group rating. The lower the group rating, the cheaper insurance will usually be.

“Having a telematics or black box policy could also be an option for getting cheaper car insurance. With black box insurance, drivers are monitored for how well they drive and safer drivers are rewarded with lower premiums.

"As most black box insurance providers offer free theft tracking, including Admiral, they can also double up as an added security measure too.

To help out any 17-year-olds looking for their first set of wheels, Admiral has calculated the top 10 cars which are the cheapest to insure, based on their own data from the first quarter of this year.

Top 10 cheapest cars to insure for 17-year-olds
(The data shows the average annual premium for each vehicle.)
1 Toyota Aygo - £641

2 Fiat 500 - £682

3 Volkswagen Up! - £697

4 Citroen C1 - £699

5 Renault Clio - £741

6 Vauxhall Corsa - £808

7 Seat Ibiza - £824

8 Ford Fiesta - £842

9 Volkswagen Polo - £849

10 Mini Cooper - £941