TROLLEYS full of 'unnecessary' plastic were left at a Chard supermarket in a bid to change the way products are wrapped. 

Sustainable Chard led the 'plastic attack' at Tesco this morning (April 14) to get the grocery giant to think about the impact its having on the environment. 

Members of the group, which has around 600 members, did their weekly shopping at the store, but instead of thinking environmentally, they opted for food that were covered in plastic. 

Similar 'plastic attacks' have been taking place in supermarkets across the South West. 

Chard & Ilminster News:

Tim Eggins, Diane Wood and Dr Caroline Brown with other group members. 

Group leader, Tim Eggins, said: "We are taking some of the materials from the food that we are buying and leaving them here in the trolleys so that Tesco can deal with them.

"Some of these materials can’t be recycled, like the black compound plastics, and some are quite difficult to recycle.

"We are hoping that in its place Tesco might consider going back to using more cardboard, compounds that can be composted, or even these bio-degradable plastics. There is one made from potato starch, there are others made from corn-starch and hemp.

"We feel this is the way forward for the big retailers to move to try and reduce the impact on the planet."

Chard & Ilminster News:

Group members unwrapping their items. 

One Dr Caroline Brown has been writing letters to the CEO of Tesco to encourage changes to take place throughout the chain.

She suggested changes such as having paper bags for the fruit and vegetable section, instead of plastic ones that cannot be recycled easily.

She said: "Tim started the group and I joined almost immediately afterwards. 

"I am an active member of the Green Party and have been banging on abou plastics since the 80s.

"We want people to think about reusing and repurposing and use recycling as a last resort. 

"Things like kiwis come wrapped in nylon string, there are other materials that could be used. Sometimes the fibres end up attached to the food, and I don't want to end up eating that."

Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the Green Party for Yeovil, Diane Wood, also turned out to show her support. 

"I saw the coverage of the Keynsham plastic attack and you just get locked into using the plastic. 

"I do normally shop at Tesco because I am a busy mum, but then you have to make compromises. 

"With grapes, there's no alternative to the plastics. The most ridiculous thing I found was kiwis that come wrapped in plastic alongside a plastic knife."