A CHARD man who touched many residents’ lives as the leader of the town’s youth club for many years could be honoured by having a road named after him.

Frank Botterell died on September 2 last year at the age of 87, sparking many of the people who were influenced by him to do something in his honour.

Mr Botterell joined the youth club in the 1960s after it was gifted a run down building by the town council.

With a local team that including former mayor Dave Hill, Frank turned the youth club around and provided a much-loved facility for many of the town’s teenagers and young people.

Andy Sheahan is leading the campaign after remembering life lessons he received from Frank, including the time he organised a youth football team function as a teenager.

He said: “Within two days of the event Frank had prepared a hand-written letter for me, personally thanking me for all the effort. That really stayed with me.”

The campaigners said they received a positive response from Chard Town Council and hope their work will see a road named in Frank’s honour in the future.

Sara Botterell, Frank’s niece, said: “At Frank’s funeral we were very touched to hear of the high regard and respect in which Frank was held in Chard.

“We heard many lovely stories of what a positive impact he had had on so many young people’s lives.

“He was certainly very passionate about youth services and would have been very pleased to know, and probably quite amused, that people would like to have a street named after him.

“It would certainly be great to celebrate his life in this way and to have a lasting record of him in Chard.”