PROACTIVE patients who have worked tirelessly to support their local GPs have been thanked after another successful year of fundraising.

The Friends of Essex House Medical Centre have this year purchased a variety of vital equipment, ranging from spirometers and blood pressure monitors to an extra phone line.

Julee Moon, lead nurse at Essex House, said: “The Friends of Essex House are a proactive group of patients who work tirelessly to raise funds for the purchase of additional equipment for the patients of the surgery.

“Over the past few years they provided a large number of pieces of medical equipment, including a second spirometer for measuring respiratory function, specialist vaccine fridges, weighing scales, ambulatory blood pressure monitors to record blood pressure at home over 24 hours, thermometers and electronic blood pressure monitors.

“We hope to be able to raise funds for further items including hand dryers in the mother and baby room and disabled toilet and some education items for patients with asthma.

“Doctors and staff at the surgery are extremely grateful for all the efforts of the Friends and to patients who kindly donate funds to the group.”

The full list of items purchased by the group includes: 

  • Three litre calibration syringe
  • A howarth trolley
  • A bulb for a head lamp
  • Disposable curtains
  • Two blood pressure monitors plus cuffs
  • Pillows
  • Stethoscopes
  • A Spirometer plus software for Asthma patients
  • A 24 hour BP Monitor
  • Special mirrors for diabetics
  • Prefilled adrenaline pens for cases of Allergic Anaphylactic shock
  • Fire retardant pillows and covers
  • And, an extra phone line for the surgery, so the staff can utilise a side room for extra administration tasks.

Rose Kneil, the group’s secretary, holds regular stalls at Chris’ Popular Fayre in Chard’s Guildhall. Her last three stalls raised more than £100.

Rose said: “Our thanks to all our supporters. We could not do without them.

“The next fair is on Saturday, February 3.”