DID The Doctor materialise in Chard this week?

A large blue box was spotted in Victoria Avenue on Friday afternoon at around 3.30pm - but the traveller inside was a little smaller than expected.

Lee Smith, who works for Air Control Industries in Axminster, made the full scale TARDIS from readily available materials as a fifth birthday present for his son, Zachary.

Zachary is a massive fan of Doctor Who, as is his brother, Ethan, 12, a Holyrood Academy student. His other brother, Oscar, nine prefers football.

Lee said: "I have had the idea to do this for a long time as Zachary's such a big fan. But there's not many people who can say they have a TARDIS in their back garden so I quite like the kudos."

Unfortunately, Lee didn't have access to Time Lord technology to make the TARDIS bigger on the inside.

Lee added: "I was considering connecting it to the basement but thought better of it."