FORMER town clerk Angela Willes has presented Chard Museum with an album she compiled charting the story of Chard’s sculpture project completed in 1991.

The album of photos, narrative and press cuttings was re-ceived on behalf of the museum by chairman David Rick-etts.

The three forms of the sculpture are the work of ar-tist Neville Gabie and were cast at Cerdic Foundries.

The sculptures can be found at Fore Street and High Street and their installation caused some controversy at the time.

Mr Ricketts said: “The sculptured forms are a prominent feature in the town centre and have now become part of Chard’s history.

“It is appropriate that the museum should have a contemporary record of their creation. The album story will be available to visitors wishing to learn more.”

Mr Ricketts added: “We are grateful to Angela for all her work creating the album and for giving it to the museum.”