AN Ilminster school is leading a campaign to crackdown on dog mess after a worried grandparent alerted them to fouling problems in the area.

Michael Field, whose four-year-old granddaughter Darcie attends Greenfylde First School, got in touch as he feared the health risk to pupils could be high if mess is walked into the reception classes.

Mr Field spotted dog mess in the East Street area and with South Somerset District Council backing, made a plea to dog owners to clear up after their pets.

This plea has been supported by the school who want to ensure the well-being of pupils, particularly in reception where children sit on the floor for classes and assemblies.

John Jeffery, headteacher said: “The thought of children walking dog mess in to classrooms where they then work for the day is very unpleasant and obviously poses health risks.

“I would appeal to all dog owners to think of the possible consequences of letting a dog foul on the pavement.”

Mr Field said: “Whatever is walked into the classrooms on children’s shoes can contaminate their clothing and hands and spread infection.”

“When Toxocara Canis is present in dog faeces, it can cause blindness in children. Responsible dog walkers can offer the first line of defence against a very real and unpleasant threat.”

People are urged to report incidents of dog fouling to South Somerset District Council, as further action will be taken against those failing to clear up.

To report a dog-fouling incident, contact South Somerset District Council on 01935-462462 or follow the link below.