A CHARD businesswoman received a speeding ticket this week that seems to be physically impossible.

Davina Hardiman of Crewkerne Road, was clocked doing 103mph in a 2004 Citreon Berlingo by a fixed speed camera on the A358 at Furnham Road on Monday, January 31, at 10.58am.

Davina, 31, runs Sunshine Snacks, a firm delivering hot and cold snacks to local businesses in the area.

The van she drives contains a fridge and oven, meaning the highest speed it has ever reached is 60mph and even then it’s a struggle.

Furthermore the incline of the hill where Davina thinks she was snapped at Hornsbury Hill would make it hard for even the quickest of sports cars to hit the 100mph barrier.

Davina said: “I thought it was a joke at first – but then I saw that the letter definitely had a police heading on it.”

The ticket might also have implications for other people who have been clocked by the speed camera on Hornsbury Hill.

Davina added: “People wouldn’t think that they definitely didn’t go that fast if it was only a couple of miles per hour over. It is hard to prove unless it is ridiculous – like this.”

Despite this Davina may still have to have a day in court to appeal the notice, thus missing work. She is currently writing a reply to the notice of intended prosecution.

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