COUNCILLORS in Ilminster voiced fears that motorists are creating hazards along a busy stretch of road in the town.

Two accidents have been reported in a four-month period along Station Road. At a town council meeting on Tuesday (January 4), drivers were criticised for poor parking and speeding along the road.

One car was written off in a recent crash and another careered into a barrier on the pavement, putting pedestrians’ lives at risk.

Mayor of Ilminster Cllr Richard Beardon witnessed an incident along the road, but unfortunately was unable to get the driver’s details.

Cllr Beardon said: “Within the last two months I have seen a vehicle come speeding through, taking wing mirrors off other vehicles and then driving straight on.

“There are times when I have felt it is like there is a competition to get through that bit of road.”

Cllr Mark Davis said: “Thought needs to be given to the area. There’s a lot of concern locally about the speed of cars going along the stretch of road.”

Cars parking outside the Crown Inn and on the other side of the road were blamed for adding to the danger, but concern was raised that introducing parking restrictions might not help solve the problem.

Cllr Mike Henly said: “Removing parked cars from a bottle neck doesn’t always help. It can have the opposite effect of speeding traffic up.”

Ilminster Town Council will also write to Somerset County Council’s Highways body and to local police to raise their concerns about the area from the top of Summerlands Park Drive through to the traffic lights.