AN ANIMAL sanctuary near Chard has put out a message of thanks this week as donations have helped out a hairless cow.

Ferne Animal Sanctuary has thanked everyone who responded to its appeal over the summer for high factor sun cream for Harriet the Hairless Heifer.

Harriet was born with a condition that meant her hair had not grown properly, which made her susceptible to sunburn.

Staff at the sanctuary have been covering her in sun cream during the summer months and she appears to enjoy it.

Harriet was sent to Ferne because the cows were bullying her in her original herd.

Naomi Clarke, Animal Manager at Ferne Sanctuary, said: “Animals can often be cruel when they recognise that one of them is different.

“Most of the cows that arrive at Ferne are misfits and so Harriet fits in very nicely. Her hair is even beginning to grow better now that the stress of being bullied has been removed.

“We’d like to thank everyone for their kind donations for Harriet.”

TO make a donation to Ferne Animal Sanctuary call 01460-65214 or follow the link below.