USERS of mobility scooters and children in pushchairs are being placed in danger by overgrown hedges and bumps in the pavement throughout Chard.

Heulwen Bass, 75, of Crewkerne Road suggested that an accident is waiting to happen – with overhanging brambles causing havoc on her journey into town.

On one section of the pavement outside the entrance to Kenwyn House, Mrs Bass faces being cut or flipping her vehicle going over the harsh kerb.

Mrs Bass is paralysed down the left side of her body after suffering a stroke last year and has been braving the treacherous pavements in her mobility vehicle.

Friend and fellow mobility scooter user Delphine Evans, of Maltings, Chard said: “She’s very brave. I would like to see local councillors follow her in a wheelchair one day to see what work needs to be done.”

A lack of awareness from drivers parking their cars across pedestrian crossing points, by dropped kerbs and near Chard Hospital is making Mrs Bass’ life even more difficult.

Mrs Bass said: “When I go into the hospital cars will park right by the corner and I can’t see other cars when they are overtaking them. It has happened to me two or three times.”

“Also I almost take off over a bump in the pavement by the hospital entrance. I can’t imagine a young mum getting a push chair down that road.”

Chard Disability Action Group has been issuing yellow cards as warnings to discourage drivers when they park across dropped kerbs.