MEMBERS of the campaigning group, Protect Our Wild Animals, will be holding a peaceful protest in Chard Fore Street from 10.30am on tomorrow (Boxing Day) morning for about 30 minutes until the Cotley Hunt leaves the town centre.

The protesters will be wearing fox costumes and banners in protest against the widespread flouting of the Hunting Act.

Protect Our wild Animals spokesperson, Helen Weeks, said: We are taking this action to draw attention to the loopholes in the Hunting Act, which allow hunters to chase and kill foxes just as they did before the ban.

“We are calling on the Labour Government to strengthen this popular law by adding a “reckless behaviour clause”.

They claim that the amendment will effectively save the lives of foxes, deer, mink and hares from a cruel and terrifying death.

Campaigner Graham Forsyth added: “We will be urging voters not to vote Conservative in the coming General Election as their leader, David Cameron has pledged to make hunting with dogs legal again, should he become Prime Minister.”