THIS rubble-strewn, decaying ruin might resemble something from a horror movie but it is, in fact, the sad remains of the Crinkley Bottom theme park at Cricket St Thomas.

Pictures emerged this week of the former money-spinning attraction near Chard, once home to 90s children’s favourite Mr Blobby, now reduced to a waterlogged wasteland.

Visitors flocked to the house, named Dunblobbin, when it opened in 1994 following the success of the pink and yellow-spotted character on popular Saturday night television show Noel’s House Party.

But it closed its doors in 1999 after the programme, hosted by Noel Edmonds, was axed by the BBC.

Since then the site has been left to fall into disrepair, with buildings covered in moss and furniture left broken and scattered around dingy rooms.

The rubbish-filled wreckage was exposed by an internet blogger called Captain Stealth, who posted the photos on an on-line forum.

He wrote: “This place is the last remains of a Mr Blobby amusement park, closed down ten years ago when people sadly lost interest in him.

“It looks like there’s been a few raves taking place as the rooms have been trashed.”

The images are a further blow to the wildlife park, which announced in September it was getting rid of its large animals.

But Cricket St Thomas estate owner John Taylor denied the mess was the result of allnight parties.

He said: “Nothing much has happed to the house apart from years of deterioration – it has not been used for raves.

“When the Crinkley Bottom fuss came to an end we left the house as it was in case the park wanted to turn it into a monkey pen or an aviary.

“We’ve never had a problem with people using the furniture.”

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