A UFO has been spotted in the skies above Crewkerne at the weekend – and the observer says this is no Chinese lantern.

On Saturday, Ian Anderton and his wife, of Summerlands Park Avenue, Ilminster, were visiting friends in the town when they saw unusual lights in the sky.

He said: “My wife and I were sitting in their conservatory at about 9.20pm when I became aware of an orange light in the sky travelling steadily on a South West to North East trajectory.

Mr Anderton, a keen amateur astronomer and member of Crewkerne and District Astronomical Society was intrigued.

He added: “It was travelling quite quickly – about twice the speed of the International Space Station – and was at a much lower altitude.

“It was eventually lost to sight in a cloud. It was not a Chinese lantern due to its speed. There was no sound.

“About 15 minutes later we saw another orange light travelling at the same speed and in the same direction.

“This one may have been at a lower altitude but it was difficult to be sure of this.

“We kept looking out for a further 30 minutes but saw no more unexplained lights in the sky.”

Mr Anderton is now asking if anyone else in the area saw the same lights, or if anyone has any idea what they might be.

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