MP David Laws likes to ask the Government lots of questions…and that is now official!

Figures from the Parliamentary Information Management Service show that Mr Laws, MP for Yeovil, asked more written questions of the Government than almost all other MPs in the 2007-08 session.

Out of the 646 MPs, Mr Laws asked the third highest number of questions with a total of 1,277 – which are used to find out information about Government activities and hold Ministers to account.

“Parliamentary Questions are an important way of holding the Government to account and pressing for action,” he said.

“In the past year I have used them to find out information about important issues such as the Future Lynx contract, the future of Post Offices, tax credit problems and education policy.”

But Mr Laws was a long way behind the two MPs who asked the Government the most written questions in 2007-08.

Conservative MP Mark Hoban, who represents Fareham, asked 2,097, while Eric Pickles, Tory MP for Brentwood, wrote a whopping 2,190 questions.