Phelsuma Farm has rescued and built a new home for an abandoned 14-foot snake which was rescued in Dorset.

The Pet Shop was contacted by the man who found the snake in Dorset, after ringing around an Axminster Vet came out to inspect the creature, and called Phelsuma to rescue it. 

James and Phelsuma launched a JustGiving page to raise enough money for Phelsuma to build an enclosure for the snake.

Soon after, James Prentice, owner of the Phelsuma Farm in Ilton, Somerset was contacted by Coombefield Vets in Axminster, after the holiday park was alerted to the creature by guests who were taking a walk along the road.

The pet shop has now made an enclosure big enough for the snake, and has moved in happily living in the shop.

Mr Prentice has decided to keep it and has now started a JustGiving page to raise funds to build an enclosure big enough for the python.

He said: “There is a significant outlay needed for the enclosure. We are planning to start the work on Saturday for a 12 foot long enclosure floor to ceiling with a water feature.

“We need to buy all the lighting, heating and wooden panels. For now she is being kept in the largest room we have which has enough warmth to keep her comfortable.”

So, far £372 has been raised since the campaign was launched. 

Phelsuma Farm is a specialist reptile shop and breeding centre, specialising in Day Geckos since 1988. They offer reptile and exotic animal supplies, and advice on a range of reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates.

If you would like to support the JustGiving fundraiser.

The 14-foot snake was spotted Monkton-Wyd near Dorset by a resident.

Mr Prentice, said: “I received a call saying that a massive Burmese Python was down the lane from the holiday park. At first, I thought it was a hoax, or someone was exaggerating the size but it was a 14-foot python.

“It weighs a tonne, we haven’t weighed it officially, but it took three of us to lift it into the van.”