A Somerset business woman is in final countdown to the Paris 2024 Olympics, with less than one month to go until the opening ceremony.

Emma Cornish of Elite Equine Care near Taunton is getting ready to head out to the Palace of Versailles where the Equestrian sports will be taking place.

Emma will work as part of the veterinary team and be managing the Forge and farriers, who are responsible for the foot care and shoes of all the competition horses. This is Emma’s 4th consecutive Olympics carrying out this role.

Emma said: “Being Forge Manager I am the main point of contact between teams, vets, riders, farriers, grooms, FEI officials, and stewards so being organised, approachable, friendly, calm, confident with the ability to multitask and work in a confidential environment is vital.”

Emma will primarily be Forge Manager, but on certain days, including cross country day she will be assisting with over-seeing the Thermoregulation and Cooling Team. This is an essential part of equine welfare and it is vital heat mitigation and cooling delivery systems are in place which are monitored in real time ensuring horses are not suffering from dehydration, heat exhaustion and are cooling down correctly.

Emma, who won the prestigious Groom of the Year title in 2023, will return to Somerset between the Olympic and Paralympic Games change over period and back to her freelance grooming and house sitting business which is based in Fivehead, where she offers individual bespoke care packages to VIP’s, private and commercial clients. Emma will be out in Paris for the duration of the Olympics, and then returns for the Paralympic Games towards the end of August.

Emma said: “Each time I have carried out this role it is on a voluntary, unpaid basis. They are a huge life time experience and I learn something new every time. Each Games is different due to having their own organising committee which brings their own challenges, I can’t wait to see what Paris 2024 will bring”.

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