WORK has begun on Stoke-sub-Hamdon's new skate park after the former was fenced off for "health and safety" reasons.

Construction on the new "state-of-the-art" skate park on the village's Big Rec started on July 1. Work is expected to last for eight weeks.

Villagers are asked not to park on Matt’s Lane opposite the Hamdon Medical Centre, to ensure access to the site.

A spokesperson for the Skatepark said in a post: "Day 1. ITS BEGUN!! Construction is underway, starting with destruction!

The construction taking place on Stoke-sub-Hamdon's Big Rec.The construction taking place on Stoke-sub-Hamdon's Big Rec. (Image: Stoke-sub-Hamdon Skate Park/Facebook)

"Fencing is up, some old ramps have been flattened and removed. Off to a strong start."

A more "beginner-friendly" skate park, costing £165,000, was designed by Maverick Ltd on behalf of Stoke-sub-Hamdon Sports and Recreation Trust.

There has been a skate park on the site for 21 years. In May the old ramps were fenced off due to "corrosion causing dangerous holes".

The Rec's facilities will stay open during the building work, the Trust said: "Access will still be available to the outdoor gym equipment and to the BMX track.

"Please take care around this area as there will be a lot going on.

"Any traffic movements from Matt’s Lane to the site will be controlled by the site manager and there will be a banksman present during these vehicle movements for safety.

"Please be aware, pay attention to any instructions given by the construction team and be safe.

"This will only last for eight weeks and after that we will have a fantastic new skateboard park to enjoy."

The Stoke-sub-Hamdon Sports and Recreation Trust raised £165,000 for the replacement skate park project through the village's May Fayre and charity shop.

Castle School pupil and keen skater Seth Roberts, 11, successfully raised over £3,000 towards the skate park last July by launching his own Crowdfunder.

Maverick Ltd is expected to organise an opening ceremony when the work is complete.