DEPUTY mayor of Chard Andy Kenton attended the Chard Rotary Clubs Quads kid’s event last week at Holyrood Academy.

Quad Kids is an athletics-based competition for schools in the UK, who can sign up to compete. It uses the base of athletics which is “run, jump, throw” and encourages children to compete at school level and maybe find a love for athletics.

There was a standing jump at which both him and his wife and tried but only managed at best 1m 20cms (most of the children managed to jump further! Throwing a “howler” which is a cross between a foam ball and a dart and running at distances of 75m and 600m.

The event was organised by our local Rotary club who handed out medals to all the best competitors at 2 age levels. They were helped by students from Holyrood who helped the younger children by timing, measuring or just encouraging them to finish the events.

Mr Kenton added: "It was really impressive to watch the older students running alongside the competitors to encourage them to finish the longer running event.

"When I was a child I enjoyed running so it was lovely to watch the young people competing in such a traditional way, well done all those involved."

QuadKids has been running in the UK for the last 15 years and is known as the original Run/Jump/Throw programme for schools based athletics.

QuadKids has been a major part of the school's athletics in primary and secondary schools across the country for the last 15 years. Hundreds of thousands of children have competed either in intra-school or inter-school competitions or much larger events at the School Games.

A spokesman for Quad Kids said: "Now we are all getting back to normal QuadKids is here and ready to support you. All our resources are online for you to download and get your self acquainted or even re-acquainted with QuadKids or Super8."

See more on the Quad Kids website or follow them on social media.