A Somerset road is set to be closed for two days to allow for a pole to be replaced on behalf of Openreach.

Somerset Council has issued an 18-month order to close Cricket Lane (Parishes of Dowlish Wake, Knowle St Giles and Donyatt) which will allow Utility Services Ltd to replace the pole.

The segment to be closed measures from 163m southeast of the junction with Greenway, running south eastwards for a total of 1,474 metres.

An alternative route has been provided online.

The repairs are scheduled to start on February 29, lasting for two days until March 1.

The order has been made "because works are being or are proposed to be executed on or near the road, or because of the likelihood of danger to the public, or of serious damage to the road, which is not attributable to such works".

For further information about the works, Utility Services Ltd can be reached at 0787 683 3961, quoting reference number ttro027668S.