A children's charity based in the South West is urgently seeking volunteers for its retail outlets.

Brainwave works to transform the lives of children with disabilities and additional needs through its extensive support programmes.

The charity emphasised that its shops are more than just retail spaces.

They said: "They are community hubs, energised by the dedication of volunteers."

Volunteers will carry out a range of tasks, from customer engagement, to creative merchandising, to sorting out donations.

There is no requirement for a commitment to a minimum number of hours each week

CEO of Brainwave, Keith Sinclair, said: "Our retail team are amazing, and we couldn’t achieve all we do without their support.

"Every hour you give can help us to reach even more children and families.

"We look forward to welcoming you to our Brainwave family, where you can learn new skills and make new friends.”

An independent study, including nearly 30,000 volunteers from 10 major charities, found that 80 per cent reported improved wellbeing.

Also, around 69 per cent said they had benefitted from new skills and knowledge they had gained through the training they had received.

Interested individuals can register to volunteer via the Brainwave website or by reaching out directly to their retail division by emailing retail@brainwave.org.uk.