A BUS workers' union is concerned for the future of some services ahead of a demonstration against possible cuts on Saturday (February 10).

RMT said it stands in solidarity with the campaigners in Yeovil protesting against the possible First Bus cuts.

Buses of Somerset, which is part of First Group, said some services could be at risk and their routes could be reduced or withdrawn without the ongoing financial support.

Somerset Bus Partnership will be holding a rally in support of the 25, 28, 54 and 58 services at 11am on Saturday at The Borough bus stop, near 17 High Street, Cafe Nero, Yeovil.

Passenger groups had previously warned of any such cuts with several elderly people expressing despair at being trapped in their own locality and not able to move freely across the town.

RMT general secretary Mick Lynch said: "These bus cuts are a disgrace and have come about as a direct result of bus deregulation and privatisation.

"Services are run on a purely commercial basis by private operators, with routes deemed non-profitable, subject to cuts, such as Yeovil.

"Unless the local authority can afford to subsidise them, then the route is lost or severely reduced, leading to major restrictions on the ability of people to travel and possible job losses.

"The only way forward for bus workers and passengers is local authorities need sufficient ring-fenced funding from the government so they can deliver the bus services their communities require via a publicly owned municipal bus company that also owns its buses and depots.

"We stand in solidarity with the campaigners in Yeovil protesting against these bus route cuts."

No final decision has been made on any of the four routes yet.