A PRIMARY school headteacher has praised the response of pupils after the school was closed for the week.

West Chinnock Primary School, in Scotts Way, was hit by a water leak over the weekend.

It resulted in the school being closed due to a lack of electricity and water damage.

Instead children have this week been attending lessons at Norton-sub-Hamdon Primary School.

A school spokesperson said: "A water leak over the weekend has resulted in the loss of electric power and water to the whole school site - both classes and play school are affected.

"Children will be taught at Norton Sub Hamdon school for the week to enable pupils’ learning to continue whilst allowing the insurance company, contractors and surveyors to work on the site.

"We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience this causes and would like to reassure the community that we are working with Somerset Council to restore water and power to the school as soon as possible."

With just over 50 pupils who are taught in two classes, West Chinnock Primary School is one of the smallest in the county.

Headteacher Jamie Caswell said: "I have been truly impressed by the pupils’ calmness as West Chinnock transitioned to Norton school for the week.

"Thank you to staff for their adaptability and to everyone who has offered support and encouragement."