In my opinion, Grumpy Old Git is a title you aspire to.

According to my family (correction: everyone who knows me!), I am getting more grumpy as the years go by.

Although, in my defence, I argue there are more things to be grumpy about these days.

Now, it could be that it’s just easier to wind me up– I'm going to leave you to decide.

I’ll give you an example: Why are car park companies picking on me? In the run up to Christmas and the New Year, I was parking quite a lot in car parks around Taunton (determined as I was to give my custom to the high street rather than Amazon).

Then one day I noticed that, as I was using one of those phone apps to pay the fee, I was actually being charged an extra 20p for the privilege of NOT paying with cash.

Why? I’m doing all the work, there’s no-one processing my payment, no human interaction. And even if the company involved has to charge a levy, shouldn’t the council absorb that?

So, bruised and irritated by this experience, I thought next time I’m going to revert back to old-fashioned cash. And guess what? Both machines were broken – the coins kept dropping through.

I briefly considered not paying at all. Then I thought…no, I’d get a fine. So back to the app…and another 20p surcharge.

I decided there and then ‘Cash is King.’ So, armed with notes and coins in my wallet, I went to a pub not far from the village where I live – only discover that far from being king there, cash is actually banned!

This world is confusing me!

In my early days with the BBC, I used to present the breakfast show on BBC Somerset Sound (the station I set up).

One of the most popular features was the Monday Moan. It gave the audience the chance to have a whinge about anything and everything that took their fancy.

Why do greeting cards come wrapped so tightly in plastic you simply can’t open them?

Why in the twenty-first century haven’t the makers of corned beef come up with a better way of opening the tin? You know, one that doesn’t involve you cutting your finger!

And why are shops already selling Easter eggs?

All that has set me thinking: What gets your goat? What gets under your skin? Tell me – let’s have a therapeutic whinge together. 

You never know…. together we might be able to change the world!

Clinton Rogers is a former BBC Somerset correspondent. You can email him at