CHARD Prep School has secured its future through a fundraising campaign.

The resounding success of the fundraising campaign, coupled with strategic marketing and fee initiatives, successful recruitment efforts, and a commitment to retaining existing pupils, has placed Chard Prep School in a new position of strength.

Neil Mayfield, Chair of the Board of Governors of Chard Prep School: "We are immensely grateful for the overwhelming support from our community, parents, and alumni.

“Chard Prep School is not just a school; it's a cherished institution with a significant local legacy, and together, we are ensuring that legacy continues for generations to come."

Chard & Ilminster News:

A spokesperson said: “The school carries no debt and owns its invaluable Listed heritage buildings and curtilage outright.

“Founded 350 years ago, Chard Prep School stands as a beacon of modern education within the historic walls of Grade II* Listed buildings.

“Uniquely blending educational heritage with contemporary teaching methods, the school fosters a welcoming family atmosphere, where talented teachers, caring support staff, and engaged pupils come together to create an exceptional learning environment.

“Offering a formal programme for grammar school entry, and also scholarships at senior schools, positions Chard Prep School as an affordable stepping-stone to leading secondary education.

“While academic excellence remains the cornerstone of Chard Prep School, personal growth, confidence, and pastoral care are equally prioritised.

“The school's weekly Celebration Assembly acknowledges achievements in academics, drama, music, and sports, reflecting its commitment to holistic development.

“Nurturing creativity, the school has an art studio and a vibrant theatrical tradition, with regular productions in the chapel.

“One-to-one musical instrument tuition and choral concerts in the Church of the Good Shepherd contribute to a well-rounded education.

“The school's commitment to physical wellbeing is evident in weekly swimming sessions, inter-school sports fixtures, and daily P.E. thanks to facilities including an all-weather pitch.

“Chard Prep School's science lab, home to Squishy the axolotl, fosters a love for discovery. In a recent event, the school welcomed Space Odyssey planetarium.

“Under the guidance of Simon Ould, a distinguished Fellow of the Astronomical Society, pupils were treated to a unique and captivating cosmic experience.

“Furthermore, as part of our commitment to a community-led educational approach, Science Ambassadors from The Ogden Trust and neighbouring schools joined Chard Prep School, for an evening dedicated to Science with a space theme.

“The modern IT suite equips students with essential technological skills. A relaxed and friendly atmosphere prevails, offering an exemplary preparatory education that prepares pupils for the challenges of the modern world.

“As part of the school's commitment to preserving its historic Listed buildings, a fundraising campaign has been launched.

“Contributions can be made at

The upkeep of these buildings is crucial to maintaining the unique learning environment that Chard Prep School provides.

“In addition to the community support, Chard Prep School has strong connections with The Lawns nursery and the Old Cerdic alumni, strengthening its network and community ties.

“The celebration of this collective achievement will culminate in a live music gig, open to all, featuring popular local band, The IOUs, a pop-up food truck, and a bar.

“The event is scheduled for Saturday, February 24 at Chardstock Village Hall.”