THE Cotley Harriers would like to inform all those who wish to show their support for their hounds that the annual Boxing Day meet will be held at 11 am in Chard High Street on Tuesday, December 26.

Somerset County Council has recently granted the Hunt the Temporary Traffic Regulation Order for the closure of Chard High Street to facilitate the Boxing Day Meet.

This means that a section of the road will be closed for an hour and half allowing for people to meet and mingle before and after the Hounds come without holding up any traffic.

Joint Master Mary Perry from the Cotley Harriers said: “The Cotley Harriers are delighted to be meeting at Chard High Street on Boxing Day this year.

“We will be asking supporters in the town centre to donate to a local charity called ‘The Chard Watch Project’ which reaches out and engages with isolated adults needing support.

“Donations will be collected in clearly marked buckets for this worthy cause.

“This festive meet is one of the highlights of the Christmas calendar for so many people within the local area and it is an event that we look forward to each year.”

The Cotley Hounds with riders will arrive approximately 11 am and leave about 11.30 am to follow the first trail of the day.

“We would like to extend our gratitude to Chard Police for putting forward personnel to monitor this event.”

Polly Portwin from the Countryside Alliance added: “Across the country, hundreds of meets will be taking place on Boxing Day and throughout the festive period, bringing thousands of people together from all walks of life across towns and villages.

“They are a highlight of the festivities for many, particularly those from isolated communities.

“At a time when many high streets are struggling, meets inject energy and life and offer many local businesses, including pubs, cafes, and shops, a much-needed economic boost at a crucial time of year.

They are symbolic of the Great British countryside and an event that must be cherished and protected.”