"YOU are the backbone of your country. You matter. Our industry matters. You need to be in your very best of health.

"I know our life is tasking and testing at times, but together, we can support one another and by talking together, we can build a network to show it’s okay to ask for help."

These are the inspiring words of a Somerset farmer who decided to ask for help and change his life for the better after years of living alone and suffering from mental health issues. 

Trevor Brice, who has worked on a farm since the age of 14, has decided to speak out about his struggles in a bid to enourage others in the agricultural industry to do the same. 

"Farming life has many pressures the public never see," he said.

"For example, you are never guaranteed a wage, and you never know what prices you will get. You don’t get holiday days, and you still work, even if you are ill. Rents can go up, but your income might drop. This is often, the reason farming lands are sold for development.

"As well as this, health and safety is a constant stress. Working alone out in fields means that if an accident happens, it could be days before you are found. As well as this, covid caused a rapid decline in overall mental health, but particularly for farmers."

Chard & Ilminster News: Trevor Brice.

Working on a farm from a young age took its toll on Trevor. Due to the owner's ill health, the herd he had nurtured for a lot of his life was sold and after the farm was left to him, his mother sadly passed away. As a result of these struggles, Trevor ended up living in one room, not washing and wearing the same clothes. He withdrew from the outside world. 

However, his passion for animals encouraged Trevor to rebuild his herd. And soon after a newsletter from the vets was circulated, iin which he read an article about the vet and his own struggles with mental health. 

Chard & Ilminster News: Trevor Brice.

He explained: "This stopped me in my tracks...I thought: the vet? If he can speak out and ask for help, so can I. I actually spoke to him when he was on his visit to my farm…I said your newsletter has made me think I may have the same problem.

"He immediately told me to speak to my doctor. I’d never thought to bother them with it, but I’m so glad I did. It takes a man to speak up about this and I know that now.

"I think our industry should have a mental health campaign directed at farmers to encourage the boys to speak out about their stories. We can’t hide in bed for days because the cows need us every day. We have to show up, so the pressure valve keeps boiling, with no release. 

"I think we need more posters up highlighting that it’s normal and good to talk about [your mental health], so we can remove the stigma."

Soon after he spoke to his doctor, Trevor decided to lose weight. He knew his physical health was suffering as well as his mental health. He said a big factor in changing his life was taking part in the Cambridge 1:1 diet that came with a consultant. 

Soon after he met his consultant, he started to believe in himself. He came second place in the 1:1 Diet Slimmer Awards and said he even danced with the others at the awards. 

Chard & Ilminster News: Trevor Brice.

"I had dreams of dying alone on the farm, with no one finding me because I would have even struggled to get into the tractor," he said.

"I had tried to cut back on food many times to lose weight, but I never had the energy I needed to work the long tasking hours. So, willpower soon went out the window. However, The 1:1 Diet came with a consultant and that was key. I would never have completed a week had I not had Rose calling, checking in on me, taking me shopping, teaching me about different food groups and making me realise I could actually eat lots more than I was whilst enjoying The 1:1 Diet products.

"The energy kick I got was brilliant! I tell you that tractor never moved so fast. My work was done faster, and I slept better because I was no longer gasping for breath. I’m living a life I have never known. This is the life I should have lived when I was a teenager.

"Now I feel I want to use my success to advocate for men to sit up and take notice of their mental health and obesity. They often come hand in hand, and it can have a draining effect on lives. I’ll never put my weight back on because I have this life now. I’m never going back to existing and just hiding away under fat.

"I’m a person for the first time in my life. I don’t just exist in one room and spend time with only my animals. I’m now hoping to find myself a wife because I think I have lots to give."