A PLEA has been made to members of the Climate Coalition to consider who they vote for at the polls and take “appropriate actions” on climate change.

Serena Wootton, Green Party Parliamentary Candidate for Yeovil, said: “We have reached a pivotal moment in time.

“The next general election will undoubtedly mean if the new Government does not take appropriate and far-reaching actions on climate change, there will be no chance of keeping global temperatures below a safe threshold.

“This will have a devastating impact on huge parts of the globe, including our own country.

“We will suffer from extreme weather events with unsustainable pressure on all services and resources.

“I am calling on all 100 organisations of the Climate Coalition and their 22 million members to consider carefully when voting, to support the party that will prioritise the environment in its manifesto.

“You have the combined power to change the course of the UK. This would mean safeguarding everything you all hold precious, clean waterways, reduced pollution, protecting wildlife, and a cleaner environment are all within our grasp.

“Some of your organisations are apolitical, but time is running out for the planet.

“You can choose to guide fellow members, or you can maintain a neutral position, which will we see the collapse of biodiversity and parts of the World becoming uninhabitable.”