AVON and Somerset Police has welcomed a new specialist search dog to their ranks.

At the moment, Goose is still just a puppy, but he was soon start his journey to become a specialist police search dog.

Goose's brother, Maverick, has joined the team at Wiltshire Police.

Despite being "super adorable", these dogs will be trained to become assets to their respective forces.

Posting on Twitter, a spokesperson from the Avon and Somerset Police dog team said: "Meet police puppy Goose (Avon & Somerset Police) with his brother Maverick (Wilts Police).

"We will keep you posted as they embark on their respective journeys to become specialist search dogs.

"Yes...we know they are super adorable. Both have attracted much attention."

Police dogs can be used for a wide range of things, whether it be following human scent to detecting drugs and explosives.