Ferne Animal Sanctuary in Somerset appeals to rehabilitate a dog for new home. The dog named Amber is a sighthound type, is 8 years old and is with Ferne for about 2 years.

Amber came to Ferne in November 2021 after she had come to the end of the holding period in the pound. The sanctuary agreed to take her on since she was unidentified, unclaimed stray, and had no home.

All the other dogs that arrived with Amber, have now found comforting homes while she awaits for her chance. 

The sanctaury has no information about Amber’s life before kennels but is aware of the rough situation she was in by her scars. 

Amber is a very fun, energetic dog, who loves to just chill out on the sofa and is very cuddly. All these qualities would make her a fantastic companion to someone in need of a bit of sunshine in their life. 

Specifications about Amber are-

-Amber would suit a new home with a lovely big sofa and no other animals to take up any attention from her new owner.  She seems to only make friends with very specific dogs, namely larger male greyhound/lurcher types. 

-Amber would be best in a rural home where she doesn’t have lots of other dogs walking past all the time. 

-She is a sighthound type, cats and small furries are a definite no and she would only be able to have off lead exercise in a safe area such as a secure dog field.  Amber could live with older children.

-Amber has just had her 8th Birthday; it would be amazing if by her next Birthday (hopefully long before) she is fully settled in her home.