A PUBLIC information service has given advice on what drivers should do if they are at a red traffic light with an emergency vehicle behind them.

Blue Light Aware has created a series of videos telling road users how to help emergency service crews when they are on ‘blue light’ journeys.

The videos have been created on behalf of the emergency services and are shared by police forces on social media to inform motorists.

In a tweet, Blue Light Aware said: “We all want to help, not hinder, the progress of an emergency vehicle, but you must not cross the stop line at traffic lights when the red light is lit (unless directed to by a police officer). The 999 vehicle will wait or find a way around you.”

The tweet included a video showing a scenario with a woman in a car waiting at a red light when a fire engine with its siren on approaches behind her.

“An emergency driver won't want you to go through a red traffic light, so don't break the law or take any risk by moving past the light,” the video explains.

“If you're the first in the queue at a red light, stay where you are and leave the emergency vehicle to find its way around you.”

Blue Light Aware has also published a four-minute long video on its website and YouTube showing drivers how to help emergency vehicles in different scenarios.

This includes on bends or the brow of a hill, at roundabouts, on roads with solid white lines, motorways and dual carriageways, and smart motorways.

Blue Light Aware: Advice for helping emergency services on ‘blue light’ runs