POLICE have issued a driver with a traffic offence report (TOR) after they were spotted with a “seriously dangerous load” near Langport yesterday (May 31).

A flatbed lorry was spotted by police officers carrying large bags, many of which were not secured by straps. 

Officers have also reported the vehicle operator and the lorry has been prohibited from use.

The force's Roads Policing Unit tweeted: “Spotted this seriously dangerous load near Langport yesterday.

“No straps whatsoever on majority of load.

“Driver issued TOR. Vehicle prohibited and operator reported.”

TORs are issued when an officer believes a driver may have committed a specified road traffic-related offence(s) on a particular occasion and considers further action appropriate.

The offence can be dealt with by way of advise, although other options include a diversionary course, fixed penalty, or prosecution depending on the seriousness and recommended guidelines.