BELOW are planning applications received by South Somerset District Council in the week of April 25, 2022.

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22/01256/DOC1: Discharge of Conditon No.6 (Landscaping) for Planning Application 20/03089/FUL. The Old Vicarage Strutters Hill Pitcombe Bruton Somerset BA10 0NU.


22/01264/TPO: Application to carry out tree surgery works to No.01 Group of trees (shown as G1) and no. 2 Trees within the South Somerset District Council (CACA 1) 1996 Tree Preservation Order. Twine Barn Torbay Road Castle Cary Somerset BA7 7DR.

22/01067/LBC: Listed Building Consent application for interior layout alterations. Castle Cary Post Office Bailey Hill Castle Cary Somerset BA7 7BP.


22/01032/HOU: Proposed first floor extension and rear two story extension. 27 Packers Way Misterton Crewkerne Somerset TA18 8NY.

22/00651/FUL: Proposed farm access revisions to provide enhanced road access to Glenfield Farm and to limit use of the existing, substandard accessway. Glenfield Farm Puddle Town Haselbury Plucknett Crewkerne Somerset TA18 7NZ.


22/01248/DOC1: Discharge of Condition No.5 (CEMP) for Planning Application 21/03111/FUL. Southfields Enterprise Park, Plot 4 Jordans Road Ilminster Somerset TA19 9FF.

22/01156/PDE: Removal of existing sunroon & proposed rear extension (i) the projection of the rear extension beyond the rear wall is 8.00m (ii) the maximum height of the extension is 4.70m (iii) the height at the eaves of the extension is 2.50m. Homedene Forest Mill Lane Horton Ilminster Somerset TA19 9QU.


22/01259/TPO: Application to carry out tree surgery works to No.02 trees (shown as T1 & 2) within the South Somerset District Council (LANG 1) 1992 Tree Preservation Order. White Chapel The Hill Langport Somerset TA10 9QF.

22/01031/OUT: Outline application with all matters reserved for the erection of 1 no. dwelling. Lake House Wick Oath Road Curry Rivel Langport Somerset TA10 0NN.

22/00834/LBC: Listed Building Consent application for internal and external alterations to include changing the main entrance door, altering the landscape plan, adding a lean-to at the top entrance on the site of a previous structure, change materials on dormer (clay tiles to slate), adding a steel in the kitchen to support and protect the bathroom floor above and new door into courtyard to match existing. The Merchants House The Hill Langport Somerset TA10 9QD.


22/01312/PDE: Single Storey Full Width rear extension with flat roof. Depth will be 3.65m from main house, with roof overhang so 4M total. Eaves Height will be 2.95m and maximum height of 3.1m. 25 Beech Road Martock Somerset TA12 6DT.

22/01275/DOC1: Discharge of Condition Nos 5 (Construction Method Statement) and 7 (Surface Water from Parking Area) of planning application 19/03314/FUL. Land Adjoining 18 Whellers Meadow Martock Somerset TA12 6HD.

22/01037/HOU: Demolition of existing garage and conservatory and construction of single storey rear extension and two storey side/rear extension. 19 Marwin Close Martock Somerset TA12 6HJ.


22/01287/NMA: Non Material Amendment to approved application 21/02770/FUL, Instead of replacing the existing Chapel extension roof, the proposal is amended to retain and refurbish this roof element, extending the flat roof area to the south-east in order to achieve consistent internal ceiling heights above the newly ‘squared off’ main hall. The amendment includes some minor internal reordering of the WCs and stair and new roof lights to the north slope of the new build extension roof (previously granted approval under Planning Permission ref. 21/02770/FUL.) The amendment also identifies an area of existing roof over the Classroom and on the to-be-refurbished flat roof for PV panel installation, to help the chapel supplement their energy demand and reduce day-to-day running costs. St Cleers Chapel Polham Lane Somerton Somerset TA11 6SP.

22/00849/HOU: The erection of two storey side extension to dwelling and integral garage. 12 Waverley Somerton Somerset TA11 6SH.

22/00727/HOU: Erection of a two storey extension to side of dwelling. The Cedars Castlebrook Compton Dundon Somerton Somerset TA11 6PP.


22/00968/LBC: Removal of internal wall, lowering of external ground levels, replacement door, and mortar repairs. Monmouth House Chapel Lane Yenston Templecombe Somerset BA8 0NH.


22/01296/PAMB: Prior notification for change of use of agricultural buildings to No. 5 dwellings. Yarlington Mill Farm Stoke Lane Yarlington Wincanton Somerset BA9 8DW.


22/01327/DOC1: Discharge of Condition 10 (External Walls and Roof Finish) of planning application 20/02936/FUL. Building And Land At Sandbrook Lane Galhampton Yeovil Somerset BA22 7BG.

22/01286/DOC1: Discharge of Condition No.7 (CEMP) for Planning Application 21/02873/FUL. Yeovil District Hospital Higher Kingston Yeovil Somerset BA21 4AT.

22/01301/TCA: Notification of Intent to Fell No.1 Tree within a Conservation Area. Whitehouse 114 Hendford Hill Yeovil Somerset BA20 2RF.

22/01062/HOU: Reinstatement of metal railings above existing wall which were removed circa 1940’s and the installation of driveway gates. 47 The Park Yeovil Somerset BA20 1DF.

22/00969/HOU: Erection of single storey side / rear extension ( revised application to approval 21/01111/HOU). Birchwood High Street Sparkford Yeovil Somerset BA22 7JQ.

22/00864/HOU: The removal of existing small rear extension and erection of larger single story flat roof extension with glazed lanterns to the rear elevation. Moor Farm Moor Lane Hardington Mandeville Yeovil Somerset BA22 9NW.

22/00746/HOU: Dropped kerb and alterations to front garden to provide gravelled parking for 2 vehicles. 26 Abbots Road Ilchester Yeovil BA22 8NB.

22/00532/REM: Reserved Matters application for the appearance, landscaping, layout and scale for the erection of 3 dwellings (2no. three bed detached bungalows and 1no. 4 bed detached house) with parking, garages and associated landscaping and boundary treatment and the continued use of land for public open space and retention of play area equipment following the approval of 18/01536/OUT (Outline planning application for the erection of up to three dwellings, associated access and landscaping, boundary treatment and ground works, the continued use of land for public open space and retention of play area equipment). Land Os 0020 Tellis Cross East Coker Yeovil Somerset BA22 9HP.

22/00533/S73: S73 application to vary Condition 04 (No. of dwellings) of Planning Permission 18/01536/OUT to alter the condition wording to match the application description from two to three dwellings. Land Os 0020 Tellis Cross East Coker Yeovil Somerset BA22 9HP.