Monday April 25 is officially Word Penguin Day, and to help celebrate SEA LIFE centres across the UK will be throwing a party to mark the occasion.    

Penguins are incredibly caring and nurturing birds, so SEA LIFE Hunstanton, Birmingham, Great Yarmouth, Weymouth and Scarborough will all be joining in the celebrations of the adorable companions by throwing them a bash to commemorate their special day.

SEA LIFE Hunstanton is not only marking World Penguin Day this month, but also 10 penguin birthdays, with the youngest Humboldt penguin Miski turning five, and the oldest Burt celebrating his 26th birthday. 

As such, SEA LIFE Hunstanton has honoured its fish-loving friends by decorating the enclosure with banners and bubbles – with the birds also being given a frozen fish cake as an extra birthday treat this month!

Elsewhere, at National SEA LIFE Centre Birmingham, the group of Gentoo penguins will also be celebrating.

Chard & Ilminster News: (SEA LIFE)(SEA LIFE)

Gentoo penguins are renowned for forming strong lasting bonds, with the parents regarded as highly nurturing creatures. As such, Buzz, Prince, Hook, Monty, Rex, Niffler and Tina hit the news earlier this year due to comparisons to their infamous neighbours – the Peaky Blinders.

At SEA LIFE Weymouth, guests will be able to party with the world’s smallest penguins. The tiny birds known as Fairy penguins, measure at just over 25cm tall and weigh in at around 1kg.

The site has also recently welcomed six newly hatched chicks to Penguin Island, who will live alongside the taller Humboldt penguins, who are mainly bred at the Weymouth attraction.

Humboldt penguins are also present at SEA LIFE Great Yarmouth. These penguins are carnivores, meaning they only eat meat, so their diet consists of tiny crustaceans, squid and fish.

And on Penguin Island at SEA LIFE Scarborough, guests can join the party with fellow Humboldt penguins Clumsey, Krusty, Pinky and Mavis.

The super friendly colony are also celebrating their birthdays this month and can often be spotted sunbathing on the footpath of Penguin Island or making themselves heard coming up to guests and saying hello.

Nigel Croasdale, General Manager of SEA LIFE Hunstanton said: “We have many penguin breeds at our SEA LIFE centres up and down the country, so what better day to celebrate everyone’s flippered friends than on World Penguin Day. 

“We want to throw our resident penguins a bash they’ll never forget, whilst also educating guests into the conservation and protection issues of these wonderful creatures. We encourage everyone to visit their local SEA LIFE centre’s penguin enclosure to join in the festivities and show the cute colony some love on their special day!”

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