A BUSINESS that creates recyclable and eco-friendly gowns has opened this month.

CARTIM Recyclables, in Somerton, makes the gowns from sugar cane waste for personal care industries, such as barbers and hairdressers.

The Polyair™ gowns, which are an alternative solution to single use plastics, are hygienic and completely environmentally friendly.

Carole Champion, director, says sustainability is 'at the heart' of the business.

"All of our gowns are plastic free, carbon neutral, produce zero waste and are free from any animal products,” she said.

“Polyair™ is a soft, clear material that provides a commercially viable alternative to standard polythene. It is bio-based and is made from sugar cane waste.

"It’s the process of photosynthesis as the plant grows that makes this material carbon neutral and our product 100 per cent recyclable.

“This is truly the greenest material we know of and it will help hairdressers and barbers improve their green credentials and dramatically reduce their carbon footprints."

Director Tim Champion explains their aim is to offer business who are 'looking to make a change to become greener' an affordable solution.

“There’s been a real need for a product like this throughout the pandemic as hairdressers have had to go, understandably, over and above their hygiene levels for Covid compliance in order to remain open," he added.

“Now these changes look likely to come to an end this month, customers and staff are still demanding the highest standards in hygiene for their own safety and to reduce the risk of further outbreaks, and the spread of other variants.

"The other big trend is sustainability. People want to use planet-positive products and our 100 per cent recyclable gown made exclusively in the UK does exactly this.”

The CARTIM Recyclables' gowns are designed to protect a hairdresser or barber's client against hair, water and colour.

They have neck ties and are 1200mm x 1200mm to fully cover a client while seated.

Every business that buys the gowns will receive a certificate stating that for every 100kg of Polyair™ used, 260kg of CO2 is prevented from entering the atmosphere.

CARTIM Recyclables is the sister company to Needles and Pins UK Ltd and Tica Lily Ltd - a new venture offering household and clothing collections made from 100 per cent linen.