WHERE will you be watching England's Euro 2020 semi-final against Denmark tomorrow (Wednesday)?

Apparently, Bridgwater and Wells are among the easiest locations in the country to get a seat in a pub for the match.

According to research by money.co.uk you'd have a good chance of not having to stand for 90 minutes - or longer if it goes to extra time and penalties - in pubs in Mendip and Sedgemoor.

The study analysed government data to discover which areas of the country have the largest and fewest number of people for every pub in that area.

It seems Mendip, where Wells is the main location, has 120 pubs serving a population of 115,587 - equivalent to 963 people per pub.

Sedgemoor's 123,178 inhabitants can choose between 120 pubs - a ratio of one per 1,026 of the population of the district where Bridgwater is the main town.

The figures place Mendip at fifth and Sedgemoor sixth in the districts where it would seem to be easiest to get a seat.

Top of the league is Scarborough with a pub for each 640 residents, followed by South Lakeland (751) and East Lindsey (886).

We are pleased to point out their are some great pubs in Somerset's other districts where the football will be shown - that's Somerset West and Taunton and South Somerset.

And fingers crossed we'll all be booking in to watch England in the final on Sunday.