SIX-year-old Oscar Proctor was handcuffed after throwing bricks at the police.

But he avoided arrest as it was all part of a fun day out for the Ilminster youngster at Avon and Somerset Police's training centre in Clevedon.

Oscar dreams of joining the force when he is older, but unfortunately a rare genetic condition means that will not happen.

Instead he enjoyed the next best thing as he joined in a full-scale training session, along with his brother Alec, 10, and mother Emma Lawrence.

They were picked up from their home in Blackdown View in a police car and blue lighted to Taunton, before being driven up the motorway to Clevedon.

They watched a riot training exercise when officers defended themselves against petrol bombs before the brothers hurled bricks at them.

Oscar and Alec were shown the inside of a riot van and an armed response vehicle, as well as assisting in dog and horse training sessions.

And before being driven home, they were given riot helmets, police hats and badges to remember the day.

Emma said: "It came about after I asked about the possibility when we went to a police bike-marking session.

"The boys had a great day out and I can't thank the police enough for taking some time out of their busy day."

Oscar, who attends Greenfylde First School, in Ilminster, has Bardet-Biedl Syndrome.

Among the many features of his condition are night blindness and slow speech development, while it can affect his heart and kidneys, lead to blindness and has left him double jointed.

Oscar's body is incapable of telling him when he is full up, so he is always hungry.

Despite everything he goes through, Emma said: "Oscar is a happy boy and loves running around with other children.

"He enjoys swimming at Blackbrook Leisure Centre in Taunton.

"It's boosted his confidence and helped him come on leaps and bounds.

"He had so much fun at the police training day and hasn't stopped talking about it."