THE RSPCA is desperately trying to find a home for a friendly and loveable dog who has spent more than 400 days hoping to meet her pawfect match.

Five-year-old Lexi the lurcher is currently at the charity's West Hatch Animal Centre, near Taunton, where staff have had no luck in finding her a new home.

She has seen hundreds of other dogs come and go - but is still waiting patiently for someone to adopt her.

Chard & Ilminster News:

Lexi arrived in the RSPCA’s care after she was rescued by the inspectors after she was found living outside alone.

Anita Clark, deputy centre manager at West Hatch, said: “She loves cuddles, is spotlessly clean in her kennel, travels well in a car, and loves to play ball.

"She adores snuggling in her comfortable bed but absolutely hates the rain.

“Lexi is a favourite amongst everyone who meets her.

"She loves to curl up under her heat lamp at night, and when we arrive in the morning she thumps her tail and greets us with such joy.

"She refuses to go out in the rain, even though we know she is desperate for a wee, and she skips about like a puppy when off lead in our exercise field, asking us to play ball over and over again.

"We feel there is the right person out there for her, who will understand that she needs time, consistency and patience to learn to settle into life in a home.”

The ideal home for Lexi would be with owners who have experience of reactive dogs, and who are able to adjust their exercise routines to make sure she is not overwhelmed by too much stimuli.

Patience and understanding are going to be very important for Lexi and she cannot live in a home with any other animals.

Chard & Ilminster News:

Anita explained that during her time at the RSPCA rescue centre, staff have worked closely on a behaviour plan with Lexi to improve her reactivity.

Thanks to their hard work, she can now walk alongside other dogs she knows and when she sees other dogs coming towards her on a walk she can now focus on her handler rather than reacting immediately.

She added: “Sadly Lexi came from a home where she was kept outside alone, when she wasn't being used for hunting.

"Because of her previous life, she has a very strong prey drive, and can become reactive when she encounters other animals.

"She has made great progress, but still has a long way to go, so we are looking for a very special home, where her new family is prepared to carry on with this training.

“Lexi has never lived in a home, so everything will be unfamiliar until she has had time to understand what she needs to do.

"Due to this she will need someone at home initially so that she can learn to be left gradually.

"She needs to be kept on a lead and muzzled when she is out and about, so a garden with enough space to do some zoomies would be ideal for her.”