WE all know that Somerset is the best - and not just in the west.

But what if there was a way of making it official?

Well, it doesn't get much more official than having a place in the Guinness World Records pantheon... and that's just what these Somerset record-breakers have!

Weird or wonderful, you decide...

1. Largest serving of sauerkraut

Chard & Ilminster News:

Sauerkraut. Raw cabbage, and quintessentially German. But a world record amount was served up in Somerset...

The largest serving of sauerkraut is 359.6 kg (792.8 lb), achieved by Joanna Webster and Katie Venner in Wells, on October 26, 2018.

The attempt was made to show people how easy it is to make sauerkraut.

2. Longest duration balancing a lawnmower on the chin AND farthest distance walked balancing a lawnmower on the chin​

Chard & Ilminster News:

Both of these records are held by James Rawlings, who is a world-beater in balancing a lawnmower (not powered, it should be stressed) on his chin.

The world record duration of his balancing act was 13 minutes and 7.95 seconds, set on June 27, 2019 - the same date as he achieved the distance record, of 279.1 metres (915 ft 8 in).

James' attempts came at the theatre and circus area of Glastonbury Festival.

3. Fastest marathon pushing a double pram (male)

Chard & Ilminster News:

Marathons are TOUGH. Not tough enough for Rob Forbes, clearly.

He holds the record for the fastest marathon pushing a double pram, in a time of two hours, 43 minutes and 11 seconds, in Yeovil, on June 10, 2018.

Rob had run several races while pushing his children in their pram, and realised he was doing well enough to secure the world record.

4. Fastest 10-hoop/tyre slalom by a dog

Chard & Ilminster News:

Why let humans have all the fun?

The fastest 10-hoop/tyre slalom by a dog is 8.58 seconds, achieved by border collie Neo and his owner Stephen Bailey, in Minehead, on July 27, 2016.

You can watch a video of Neo in action here.

5. Most people playing Connect Four simultaneously

Chard & Ilminster News:

Another record set in Minehead!

The most people playing Connect Four simultaneously is 314, this being achieved at Butlin's in Minehead, on May 26, 2015.

Their attempt took place on the Butlin's Minehead 'Village Green', demonstrating the ethos of bringing families together to share quality time.

6. Largest meat pie

Chard & Ilminster News:


The world's largest meat pie - weighing 10,540 kg (23,237 lb) - was made by 17 catering students from Stratford-upon-Avon College, Warwickshire, at the Hand Stadium, Clevedon, on April 12, 1998.

The pie was made in a container measuring 9.75 m (32 ft) long, 2.32 m (7 ft 7 in) wide and 0.61 m (2 ft) deep.

The pie was made from:

  • 5,500 kg (12,125 lb) of diced British braising beef
  • 1,400 kg (3,086 lb) of diced ox kidney
  • 750 kg (1,653 lb) of sliced mushrooms
  • 750 kg (1,653 lb) of sliced onions 
  • 220 kg (485 lb) of Worcester sauce
  • 200 kg (441 lb) of English mustard 
  • 110 kg (243 lb) of herbs and seasoning
  • 900 kg (1,984 lb) of beef stock
  • 810 kg (1,786 lb) of best bitter
  • 840 kg (1,852 lb) of thickenings
  • 816.69 kg (1,800 lb) of pastry laid on top of the pie

7. Heaviest potato

Chard & Ilminster News:

Something to go with that massive pie now.

The heaviest recorded potato weighed 4.98 kg (10 lb 14 oz) and was grown by Peter Glazebrook.

It was weighed at the National Gardening Show at the Royal Bath & West Showground in Shepton Mallet, on September 4, 2011.

The Bath & West Showground also witnessed the longest cucumber - measuring 107 cm (42.1 in).

It was grown by Ian Neale of Wales, and was presented on September 26, 2011.

8. Tallest celery plant

Chard & Ilminster News:

More veg!

Joan Priednieks of Westonzoyland grew a celery plant that measured 2.74 metres (9 ft) tall in 1998.

9. Fastest half marathon run on treadmill

Chard & Ilminster News:

The year 2020 wasn't such a good one for half marathon fans, due to you know what.

But if you - like Adam Holland - have a treadmill, then there's no stopping you breaking a world record.

He ran the fastest half marathon on a treadmill, in a time of one hour, 10 minutes and seven seconds, on May 30, 2020, in Wellington.

Adam live streamed his attempt via his YouTube account for people to follow in real time - the video can be seen here.

10. Most people whistling

Chard & Ilminster News:

We finish in Minehead - there's clearly something about setting world records there.

The most people whistling simultaneously at a single venue is 853, achieved by Spring Harvest at the Butlins Resort in Minehead, on April 11, 2014.