A SOMERSET man has built the UK’s biggest mobile pub - but can’t take it anywhere due to Covid restrictions.

Robert Holden spent five weeks during lockdown last year building the 44ft long and 28 ft wide 'Showtime Inn'.

But since finishing the pub Robert has only been able to take it on one outing - to park it up at the rugby club in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset.

Robert, 31, built the £15,000 mobile pub, complete with its own cellar, from scratch using the carcass of a former amusement arcade.

It has 32 taps offering a variety of beers, ciders and ales and can serve up to 7,000 pints-an-hour.

The pub had five events booked in last year that were all cancelled, and a further 12 events planned this year.

“Me and my partner do two charity truck shows a year,” Robert said.

“Last year we launched a truck show called Trucks at the Beach in Weston-super-Mare. We put out for tender - for bars to come and take place for a day’s event.

“But I looked at the money people charging. I’ve got a personal license so said ‘I might as well build a bar myself'.

“Accidently it turned out to be the biggest mobile pub in the UK.

“It’s booked out for 12 events this year - but whether we actually get to them is another story.

“The events are from a wide range this year – truck shows, racecourses and music festivals.”

Robert plans to make the mobile pub business permanent and hopes to eventually spend all his time touring from event to event with his wife Jess.

The couple moved down from Durham last year for the event in Weston-super-Mare, but never returned.

They’re currently living in a caravan behind the rugby club - but will eventually move back to Durham before beginning their venture with the Showtime Inn.

“We’ll head back to Durham eventually and will then begin to travel the UK,” Robert added.

“Most of the events are based in the South West.”

Robert is currently in the process of building an even bigger mobile pub – this time based on a German bierkeller.

The new addition to Rob’s mobile booze empire will measure 56ft by 20ft.