CHEF Jaimie Haselock is calling on people to join him in dishing up "hugs on a plate" to support vulnerable people in the Taunton area during lockdown.

Jaimie, who runs a business called Gamey Jamie, has already served up roast lunches for 30 homeless people at the Canonsgrove hostel in Trull.

He plans to cook meals for lonely people and the homeless every Thursday during the current restrictions.

And Jaimie is calling on others to join in the help keep people's spirits up in these tough times.

He said: "The hospitality industry has died a death, but this is just something we wanted to do to give back to society.

"There is no excuse for anybody to be lonely or homeless during these stressful, depressing times.

"We're cooking up roast dinners and delivering them to nearby homeless shelters, care homes and community centres so that they don't feel alone.

"It's the nearest thing to a hug. We can't hug anyone at the moment, but this will make their day and bring a smile to their faces. It's a hug on a plate."

Jaimie is hoping other people will join in and then nominate five other people to do the same in the ensuing 48 hours, creating "a paper chain".

He added: "Little things don't cost much, but they can really cheer people up and bring a bit of joy and happiness.

"We took three very large organic stuffed chickens cooked in Somerset cider and bucket loads of garlic roast potatoes and jugs of gravy to Canonsgrove and everyone was so happy.

"Our Instagram following has a lot of chefs and cooks and we're going to see if we can encourage them and the public to do the same."

People taking part are asked to post photos on social media with the hashtag #roastdonation on Gamey Jaimie's or wildscoundrel's Facebook page or on Instagram.