A DISPLAY of more than a hundred poppies inspired by the famous Tower of London exhibition has been created by members of three Chard groups.

The project was the brainchild of Wayne Rooney, the activities co-ordinator at Oak Lodge Care Home.

Along with a wreath for Remembrance Day, the new poppy display can be seen in pride of place outside Springmead Surgery.

Mr Rooney said: “I was planning to do something along the lines of the poppies at the Tower of London, and Springmead Surgery got in touch to see if our residents would like to go along and do something like a vegetable garden.

“Our residents aren’t able to go out at the moment, so it became a marriage of the two ideas. When I talked to the residents they were so keen to get involved, and have been making poppies for a couple of weeks now.”

One of the resident’s families runs Chard Evolution Majorettes, so the children got involved in the poppy-making challenge. They were quickly joined by pupils at Manor Court, who have been teaming up with Oak Lodge for several projects this year.