ANYONE who thinks smashing pumpkins are an American rock band should really tell these elephants.

It's not just humans who are getting into the Hallowe'en spirit this year, as the three elephants at Noah's Ark Zoo Farm - situated between Bristol and Clevedon - were treated to a pumpkin each.

African elephant Shaka had been given a 14-stone pumpkin in 2019, and this year there was a pumpkin for Janu and M'Changa as well.

The three pumpkins were left in the enclosure, the elephants were let in, and Shaka - the eldest bull - sauntered over to assess the situation.

Janu and M'Changa, who are both smaller and younger, also ran over and M'Changa stamped on the first pumpkin with a loud crack.

The cracking from Janu's pumpkin prompted Shaka to come over to investigate, and Janu backed off.

Alpha bulls will usually be the first to eat and, as Shaka is the dominant of this bachelor group, he has first dibs.

Sandra De Rek, head elephant keeper at the zoo, said: “Shaka is the dominant bull and so what he says, goes.

"If he’d have got to all of them first, he would have eaten them all.

"Luckily for M’Changa and Janu, he walked the long way around the enclosure and so the young ones got to enjoy a pumpkin together before he got there.”

Elephants usually eat 150kg of food a day, starting with carrots in their enclosure, so pumpkins was a nice change to the day.

It also provides enrichment for the mammals, getting them to use their trunks, tusks and feet to break up the giant squashes to make them bitesize.

After eating 270kg worth of pumpkin, the elephants turned their attention back to the carrots!